Spring into Whites


As we all know spring is around the corner for those of us who live in the northeastern portion of the U.S. or so we continue to hope that it is. As all season spring brings with it change; change in the way you feel, in the way you carry yourself, and in your attitude.

This spring I decided to start off my new beginning with a play on culture. I recently took my first trip to Puerto Rico, the island where my family originates. I was captivated with island life and wanted to bring that to life and take a inspiration from traditional Latino culture, or the Jibaro culture, which gets its origins from the Taino Indians.

The most prominent feature of the Jibaro dress is the headdress worn by the Jibaro men the straw hat. The men normally wear white shirt and pants with a colored sash around the waist and colored kerchief around neck and shoulders. Keeping with this white on white concept I decided to wear a strong bold diamond pattern white short sleeve shirt, with a nice comfortable pair of white chinos. I tied the look together with this amazing Fedora I purchased from a local shop that specialized in these amazing straw hats.





Taino Indian culture and the term Jíbaro usually refers to “La Gente de la Montañas” (the people of the interior montainous regions of Puerto Rico)




As I took my inspiration from my trip to Puerto Rico this spring I challenge you to play around with color, with patterns, with some extra flair and don’t be afraid to play around with cultural influences.



|| Wearing || Express Pants || Express Shirts || Coach Shoes || Ray-Ban Sunglasses ||

Photo Credits : Jimmy Trafecante-Lamboy / Xiomara Molina

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One thought on “Spring into Whites

  1. well mr j your one of the best guys I know that dress well put together love your patterns yur flair your a hip guy


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