Author: The Jim

I am a local photographer and fitness instructor based out of Worcester, Massachusetts. Among being very passionate about fashion and photography, I have been a Zumba instructor for many years. I pride myself on being an energetic, motivational and l fun-loving instructor. I initially started taking ZUMBA as a student to lose weight, while being able to incorporate my love of dance. In the process, I decided to get licensed to teach. I am extremely passionate about teaching and takes pleasure from the smiles of the students I comes in contact with. I have been blessed to have made some amazing friends while being surrounded by wonderful individuals simply through teaching. I truly enjoys helping people and want to see people feel great about themselves inside and out from the accomplishments they gain from class to class. As a photographer I have gained an amazing joy in photographing all different types of people, places and events. I picked up my first camera in Iraq and found such relief in taking pictures while losing myself to the meditation it provided to me. I am still trying to learn and grow from my photography and expand my collaborations with other amazing photographers when I can. When I was younger I was never the best dressed kid. I grew up pretty poor and always had hand me downs given to me from other people. I believe that is why I love to explore new ways of dressing and love to shop and buy myself the suits and new dress pants and so forth. I have always been a more classic thinker, believing that a man should dress as a gentleman, as well as carry himself as such. Before becoming a blogger and a photographer or even a Zumba instructor, I was a police officer in Providence, Rhode Island. Prior to this I served in the U.S Marines for eight years where I did two tours in Iraq. I now have the greatest joy from being a husband, a parent I have come to the conclusion that they are the most special gifts i have ever received in my life.