The Highway Gentleman

In today’s fast paced world, men are no longer spoken of as Gentlemen. Why is this? Where we once prided ourselves on the knowledge the next generation would receive, we have fallen short. Have we failed to pass on the traditions of being a gentleman to our sons? How in our current world where men no longer remember the basic etiquette, can we teach these valuable lessons to our boys who are growing up with no direction. We must first start by re-teaching ourselves the fundamentals of being a Gentleman.

First let us define what it means:

A Gentleman is a man of calm demeanor, strong preserve, and intellectual thinking, with polite yet meaningful speak and a good upbringing. A fighter for the cause of right with words, not guns. “A true gentlemen is a respectable thing to be, or strive to be.”

      Now let me get something out in the open: I know I said well spoken, but I’m not suggesting that you need to have an education from Oxford or Yale just be able to carry a conversation and not sound as though you’re making up words. I don’t want you thinking that I am some silver spoon fed moron that has never done any wrong in his life. Trust me, I am far from that. But I do know what it takes to be a gentleman, not just in the definition of the word but also in the way that I carry myself.

I am hoping that you will follow me on this journey of defining what it means to be a gentleman through the way I express style through my fashion, as well as my personal experiences. Let us learn how to teach our future sons to be the men they should be.


| Wearing |: Herringbone Coat | Banana Republic Suit | Express Mens Tie

The Jim

  *Photo credits by Talin Avakian

2 thoughts on “The Highway Gentleman

  1. No truer words have been spoken. As a preschool teacher, I have come in contact with so many young boys and it breaks my heart for them as so many of them don’t have a good example of what a gentleman looks like in their lives. If nothing else, this blog will allow me an inside look at what I can do to encourage gentleman like behavior in them and my own son. 👍🏻

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