A Gentleman’s Knot





     Who remembers the first time they were able to tie their first tie? I was 15 my first time; I stood in the mirror for hours trying to learn how to tie my first knot. It wasn’t until I joined the Marine Corps that I learned the knot was called a full Windsor.

There are four basic knots that every gentleman should know in order to be able to tie.

The Four-in-hand: This asymmetrical tie is probably the easiest of all the knots to tie. This tie is great for more casual events due to it not being so dressy. Four-in-Hand

The Half Windsor: This tie is a bit classier than the four-in-hand due to symmetry. Being one step above the four-in-hand, it can be worn for mostly any occasion and with any shirt. Half Windsor

The Full Windsor: Here is a tie that is meant for more formal events. It is much wider than the half Windsor and meant for a spread collar. This is my go-to knot I wear this knot all the time. Full Windsor

The Bowtie As the Doctor puts it, “bow ties are cool.” The bow tie is a completely different breed of tie. From the big-end-skinny-end variety, which means most of us never learned to tie one. As with the tying methods, mastering the bow tie will take a little practice, but you’ll have earned the respect of your peers with this one. Bow tie

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Photo Credits : Marco Trafecante-Lamboy

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One thought on “A Gentleman’s Knot

  1. Thank you for this blog! I know my son will soon need to learn the ways of tying the tie! As a female I don’t have much experience with it. I will make sure he reads up on this before his first tie experience!

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